Cleaning Shower Screen and group Gasket - E61

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Checking, cleaning and replacing the shower screen and group gasket…from the perspective of the inexperienced user, but it does show how easy it is for anyone to do!
THE SHOWER SCREEN - it should just be a simple issue of putting 2 tea spoons on the groove and levering it down - it's advisable to do this when a machine is cold! hold the spoons in each hand with a thumb in the bowl, then place the curved part of the bowls into the recess where the portafilter lugs go. The front edge of the spoon should now be in the groove around the rim of the shower screen…a quick lever and it's off. Don't of course use your best spoons for this! Soak the shower screen in detergent, scrub if necessary and rinse. Your gasket will have come out with the shower screen as the screen slightly covers the gasket. Ideally, your gasket will still have some pliability about it, if so, re-use but if it's quite rigid or stiff, then it will need replacing. Thankfully they are not expensive and should be changed at least every 6-12 months. If you look closely at the gasket you will see that one side is flat and side is slightly bevelled, when re-installing in your machine, make sure it's bevelled side up. You can smear the gasket with Vaseline which will make removal next time a bit easier.
Please note that E61 gaskets come in two thicknesses, 8mm and 8.5mm. Usually, both will fit in machines but it depends on where the handle will finish up when locked in place as ideally you want it in the 6 o'clock position. If in doubt as to what size you need, buy both as they are usually less than £2 each.
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