GeneCafe 250g (CBR101) Major Clean Guide

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Gene Cafe Major Clean (100,000km service). Often, a Gene Cafe roaster will show signs of needing longer roasting times, or a heater unit has failed, more often than not this is because the roaster needs a good clean. Think about this, there is a fan inside the roaster (to push the hot air through the coffee), coffee produces oils, these deposit inside the workings of a machine, there is dust and fluff in the environment and this sticks to the oils which have stuck inside the roaster particularly on the fan thus slowing it down and eventually it will stop and fail. You may have done your standard cleaning of the Gene Cafe regularly which is a good first step. But depending on the environment that you live in and more importantly - how much dust there is in the air, you may have to go further than this every so often with a major clean - similar to a car's major 100,000km service.
First, open up the machine using the instructions found here gene-cafe-heater-replacement. Then, remove the heater assembly and put it aside - See Picture 1.
There are two screws holding the fan in place. Unscrew these and take the fan out. - See Picture 2.
This exposes the grille from the inside which should be cleaned out the grille with a brush - See Picture 3.
Then take the brush and clean out the fan by brushing the inside of the circle - make sure you don't let the dust go back into the machine! See Picture
Genecafe Service Pic 2.jpg
Genecafe Service Pic 2.jpg (112.98 KiB) Viewed 46248 times

Now simply assemble the machine and it'll perform as good as new
Genecafe Service Pic 4.jpg
Genecafe Service Pic 4.jpg (101.31 KiB) Viewed 46248 times
Genecafe Service Pic 3.jpg
Genecafe Service Pic 3.jpg (109.72 KiB) Viewed 46248 times
Genecafe Service Pic 1.jpg
Genecafe Service Pic 1.jpg (96.6 KiB) Viewed 46248 times
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